Oprahs Favorite Things 2016

Can you believe it! Addison Weeks made it to Oprah’s Favorite Things list. Saying we are honored is an understatement. She even put a quote out about us:

“Can you believe these aren’t fine jewels? Multifaceted gemstone earrings add
tasteful glamour to your everyday outfits.”  – Oprah


Oprah’s Favorite Things List named the whitten stud earrings in 5 color variations.

Whitten Studs in Lemon Topaz. Retail for $72, Use code OPRAH for 20% off

Whitten Studs in Aqua. Retail for $72, Use code OPRAH for 20% off

Whitten Studs in Amethyst. Retail for $72, Use code OPRAH for 20% off

Whitten Studs in Emerald. Retail for $72, Use code OPRAH for 20% offwhitten_stud_bt_o
Whitten Studs Blue Turquoise. Retail for $72, Use code OPRAH for 20% offwhitten_stud_pq_o
Whitten Studs Pink Quartz. Retail for $72, Use code OPRAH for 20% off

“We were jumping up and down when we heard we made the list. Everything Oprah picked is so unique. We are honored to be a part of her best Favorites Holiday List to date!” says Katherine Weeks Mulford (co-owner). In addition to finding the newest  treasure for her list, Oprah has also made it easy to purchase them. Instead of searching individual product sites for the favored item, you can conveniently find everything in one place: Amazon. Now the  entire Addison Weeks Collection can be purchased through Amazon Prime, which makes holiday shopping easy and quick. “I love the style  earrings that Oprah picked. The Whitten studs are simple and elegant and Oprah loved the quality of the gemstones.” stated Lee Addison Lesley. “We have worked so hard to develop a quality product, it is nice for people to notice, not to mention OPRAH!”

The entire collection can also be found on their website www.addisonweeks.com




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