High Point Market Recap

It was fun to meet all of the new customers and friends who stopped by our booth at High Point. We debuted some new items and got lots of good ideas to introduce at the next show. If you are a store or designer and would like to carry our line, please contact lucy@addisonweeks.com and we will send you a link to our brand new wholesale portal. Here are some shots from market. Have a great weekend!

10729332_278345062363195_344278654_n 10731868_306234806252082_772820913_n 10724088_742933285753872_223235737_n 10727698_315533638650536_311928765_n 1389977_316923251828924_695764804_n-2 10727391_550094415120441_863637895_n-2 10723974_955177717842442_121645929_n-2 10729190_341937685967531_1454993937_n-2 10727352_309398809262012_499782534_n-2 10706799_787863501270008_984906702_n-2 10735296_656794984438058_395221917_n-2 10724180_349443098565152_1330275645_n-2 10735068_1488227418109921_513065867_n 10747990_533399993471538_317776662_n


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